December 4 is Colorado Gives Day – Will You Give?

I like the idea of a day focused on giving to charities, especially in the midst of a holiday time of rampant spending on gifts!  Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 4, 2012 – in case you haven’t already been notified by nonprofits you support . . .  I like the website for Colorado Gives Day, you can enter a zip code and find local nonprofits to support.  Plus, there is no administration cost – 100% of your gift goes to the nonprofit, thanks to the underwriting of its sponsors.

Some of the nonprofits focused on aging issues that are listed on the Colorado Gives Day website include:

Innovage Foundation (formerly the Total Community Options Foundation) are the folks whose programs include the Johnson Adult Day Program, InnovAge Greater Colorado PACE (formerly known as Total Longterm Care), InnovAge Homecare (formerly known as Seniors Inc.), and InnovAge Greater New Mexico PACE (formerly known as Total Community Care);

The Senior Assistance Center is a northwest Denver nonprofit that provides emergency financial services, a food bank, friendly visitors, and ArtReach, just to name a few of their programs;  and

The Guardianship Alliance of Colorado, a relatively new organization that provides information  and guidance about guardianship of adults in Colorado.  Their education programs include classes for people to learn more about becoming a volunteer guardian, along with a training class about serving as a guardian for an incapacitated adult.

I know some of the people who work for these nonprofits, and they are individuals dedicated to improving the lives of seniors.  These nonprofits are filling gaps in our community.  As the number of seniors continues to rise, the ranks of those living on fixed incomes expands, and the social challenges of integrating seniors into the community – or keeping seniors engaged in communities remains.  These nonprofits are helping seniors and their loved ones in the Denver metro are face those formidable challenges.  Please consider supporting these nonprofits, or another nonprofit of your choice this Colorado Gives Day!



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